The Fort Ostell Chapter IODE opened a library in Ponoka in 1933, housed in the Community Rest Room. Books were donated and funds were raised from card parties and plays. The first year, circulation was 2550. In 1935 the library received its first provincial grant, and in 1937, it moved to a new room in the town hall. By 1939, the collection contained 2000 books. In 1948, circulation had reached 4308, and the Provincial Coordinator of Cultural Activity announced that it was “the best small library in the province”.
In 1956, the new Jubilee Library building was completed with some provincial funding. The library basement was equipped as a civil defense headquarters for coordinating relief efforts in case of a nuclear attack. By 1966, circulation had jumped to 18,084. In 1984, the library moved to the old ALCB building at 5110 48th Avenue. At the official opening in April, a card was presented to the library from Halvar Jonson, Member of the Legislative Assembly. Title and control of property remained with the town. By 1985, circulation had climbed to 50,837, and that year a mural was painted on the outside east wall of the library.
The Ponoka Jubilee Library now serves a combined population of 20,000. The library remains in the same building, but has undergone renovations in an effort to bring it up to date and make it a comfortable spot for patrons and staff. An addition was constructed in 2005, which supplied much needed storage space. The library staff consists of one full-time library manager and five part-time clerks and pages. Today, annual circulation has increased to 55,000, and the library is an important centre of the Ponoka community.